Uncover your true romantic persona and find love through the only way Scots know how, through their stomach!

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An Old Fashioned Romantic
Like our Specially Selected Scottish Vintage Cheddar

Vintage Cheddar

Aww, you old romantic you!You are a classic like Specially Selected Scottish Vintage Cheddar and enjoy the timelessness of a traditional relationship.No matter what, you still believe in good ol’ chivalry and that there is that special someone out there for everyone because love conquers all, right?You are the kind of romantic that can forget about all the break-ups, make-ups and “it’s not you it’s me” moments and, much like Cheryl Cole, you gotta fight for this love!Your ideal Valentine’s Day will always include a classic bouquet of red roses, a romantic homemade meal for two maybe over some soft candlelight. 🌹The evening will, of course, be finished with a perfectly crafted cheeseboard filled with the special person in your life and your favourite fermented dairies (blue included…) 🧀Your love language includes words of affirmation, so you love nothing more than being called “bonnie”, “stunnin’” or “a wee belter”!

Still looking for “the one”?Here are some chat-up lines that are sure to find that special someone who loves love and is a bit cheesy just like you!This may be cheesy, but you’re a cracker!If you were cheddar, I’d buy the whole damn wheel.Hey, I must say, you are pretty gouda looking.You remind me of a Scottish cheddar. Sharp, timeless and look good with anything.

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The Sweetheart
Like our Specially Selected Mini Chocolate Cupcakes

Mini Chocolate Cupcake Selection

Aren’t you a wee cutie!From the cute little notes on scrap pieces of paper, to the love heart shaped sweeties, you can’t get enough of Valentine’s Day. 💖You are a sweetheart and there’s no denying it, you wear your heart on your sleeve.Whether it’s Valentine’s, Galentine’s or even Palentine’s you will look for any way to show some love and will be the secret admirer behind the cards in your friend group.Top songs include: 🎶
🌤 Love Is In The Air by Paul Young
🌎 You’re My First, My Last, My Everything by Barry White
💯 True by Spandau Ballet
💝 I Will Always Love You by Celine Dion
📖 Love Story by Taylor Swift
Your ideal Valentine’s Day will include scattered rose petals, a fuzzy teddy, and a personalised poem because this is the kind of day you never want to forget.Your love languages include acts of service and words of affirmation because there’s nothing sweeter than someone else making you a hot chocolate and being told you’re a snack. 😋

Still looking for “the one”?Here are some chat-up lines that are sure to find that special someone who will always know how to satisfy your sweet tooth. 🍬*Roses are red, I think that you’re great, would you like a cupcake or how about a date? *Are you a Hershey’s chocolate cupcake? Because I want a kiss from youAre you a cake because I want a sliceLife without you would be like a cake without frosting… just not as sweet x

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The Lazy Lover
Like our Valentines Day Edition Steak Lorne

Steak Lorne Heart

You like to think “every day is Valentine’s Day” so February 14th should be no different to any other day. 🤷Love to you is having your breakfast brought to you in bed, and for that reason, the Love Heart Lorne is just a bit of you!It’s the simple things in life for you…
Flowers? They’ll die eventually. 💀
Dinner out? The fridge at home is full. 🍆🍕Rose petals on the bed? It’s a bedroom, not a garden centre. 🙄A cute Valentine’s teddy? What are you, 3 years old?! 👶A chilled night in with a blanket, some class snacks and the one you love is more than enough because bingeing 8 seasons of Game of Thrones alone isn’t as fun.Your love languages include quality time and physical touch, so laying in bed till 12pm on a Sunday with a cheeky squeeze or two makes you as happy as a dug with two tails.

Still looking for “the one”?Here are some chat-up lines that are sure to find that special someone who will always make sure there’s sauce on your roll…Have we just had our meat-cute?Wanna get breakfast? Should I call or just nudge you?*I’ll cook you dinner… if you cook me breakfast *

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The Hashtag Does it for the Socials
Like our Specially Selected Scotch Beef Steaks

36 Day Matured Aberdeen Angus Steak

Get those angles! #BAEYou like your romance to be in the 21st century! Don’t worry, we get it, we’re an AI programme so no judgement here 🤷Like an Aberdeen Sirloin Steak, you’re popular, so enjoy social trends and challenges and aren’t unknown to a hashtag or two. Doing it for the ‘gram isn’t a choice for you, it’s a lifestyle, and you refuse to hear otherwise (again, no judgement!)Your ideal Valentine’s Day has to be ‘gram-able through and through. From the handwriting in the card right down to your drink of choice at the restaurant, you booked 3 weeks prior to the big day. 🤳You want to look back on your IG grid and know ya done good! ✨When it comes to your turn to cook the date night dinner, steak is the only option because it’s fancy just like you! 💅Your love languages include gifts, especially those from a certain supermarket’s SpecialBuys aisle… 👀

Still looking for “the one”?Here are some chat-up lines that are sure to find that special someone who will always make sure to get the IG photoshoot you deserve on a night out!*If you were a steak, you’d be well done! **It’s rare to find a 10/10 like you... *I know a restaurant with a great menu, have you seen it? It’s me-n-uIf this was a meat market, you would be the prime cut

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